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Urinary Tract Infection


It is true that urinary tract infections are not very common in men due to anatomical factors. However, it is very important for you know about it. Urinary tract infections refer to any infections that affect the urinary tract from the urethra; bladder and can even ascend to the kidneys. Urinary tract infections in men are rare but there is a great need to ensure that you run about them so that you will be able to prevent yourself from the infections. Therefore, it is important you check on this article keenly so that you get relevant knowledge regarding urinary tract infections.

The symptoms you expect

It is important to ensure that you know the common symptoms and sign you expect to have when you are having an infection. The common symptoms in urinary tract infections in men include the following and you should ensure that you know them.

There is usually pain when urinating and a burning sensation. There is also increased frequency of urinating which usually causes a lot of discomfort for any man. There is also urgency whereby you feel that you want to urinate more often and it interferes with your activities and you often feel disturbed. You can also experience pain in the lower abdomen and also sometimes there can be blood in the urine.

Where the infection has ascended to the kidneys, you can also experience fever, nausea and vomiting. There is also flank pain and this condition is usually called pyelonephritis.

In some situations, your prostate can be affected leading to fever, chills and perineal pain.

The etiology of UTI

It is very important to know what causes urinary tract infections in men. These mainly include bacteria. The most common bacteria that cause urinary tract infection are called the Escherichia coli. This bacteria usually affects the alimentary canal and once it gains entry into the urethra, it ascends and eventually leading inflammation and infection of the urinary tract. One of the reasons as to why women get attacked more than men is because their urethra is shorter than that of men. Urinary tract infections are usually more common in older men. The main reason is because at this age, there is usually the risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia. This usually leads to the development of stasis. Stasis can lead to development and multiplication of bacteria leading to infection.

Other risk factors

There are other risk factors which usually contribute to the development of urinary tract infections in men. These include a recent surgery involving your urinary tract. Diabetes or engaging in any anal intercourse.

Diagnosis of the UTI

Let’s learn how urinary tract infection in men is diagnosed. First, there is need of a history indicating the risk factors and age. This coupled with symptoms and a urinalysis is usually used to indicate that there is a urinary tract infection. In case a urinalysis shows puss cells or nitrites, then this is usually an indication of urinary tract infection. Digital rectal exam is usually necessary for old people who present with urinary tract infection.

The treatment of these infections usually requires the use of antibiotics and in case of pain you can also give analgesics.