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Urology is a surgical subspecialty that deals with the conditions that usually affect the urinary tract infection and the male reproductive organs. There are very many reasons as to why you should visit a urology clinic as you are going to learn in this article. Although many people are usually reluctant to visit a doctor, it is usually very important to visit a doctor often in order to ensure that you prevent some of the conditions that might affect you later. Many men are reluctant to visit a doctor more often and they usually ignore some of the symptoms that arise within their urinary and reproductive organs. This usually leads to them visiting the clinic when it is too late. The following are some of the reasons as to why you should visit a doctor often.

The health of your urinary and reproduction is essential.

Many people are usually embarrassed to visit a doctor. It is very important to understand that your reproductive and urinary tract health is very essential in your life and therefore, you should visit a urology clinic often in case of any new symptom. Therefore, it is good for men to stop the habit of avoiding visiting the clinic if they have any issue.

Blood in the urine

This is one of the reasons as to why you should visit your urology clinic. Blood in the urine can denote a variety of pathologies and to avoid later complications, it is good to visit your doctor as early as possible. It could be due to stones in the kidneys or even the bladder. The other possibility could be due to an infection of the urinary tract. Tumors and trauma could also cause blood in the urine. Sometimes, there can be microscopic hematuria which is usually not apparent by the naked eyes. Therefore, it is important to visit your urology clinic quite often to avoid these conditions.

Abnormal PSA levels.

First, it is important to understand the importance of PSA. This is usually used for the screening of conditions such prostatic cancer which usually sets in as a person ages. Therefore, if you have abnormal levels of PSA then you should ensure that you visit your urology clinic so that you avoid the problem of having an advanced prostatic cancer. If you scree regularly the higher the chances of avoiding such conditions.

When you have an enlarged prostate

There is a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia. It usually affects you in old age and usually presents with urinary obstruction at the neck of the bladder and this usually causes hesitancy, nocturia and urinary frequency. Once there is this obstruction, there is the risk of urinary stasis and this can lead to the development of urinary tract infections. If the infection ascends, then this might lead to the infection of the kidney and can even cause damage to the kidneys.

Any infertility

If you have any infertility problem, you should ensure that you visit the urology clinic as soon as possible since the earlier the problem is detected the earlier it will be solved.